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Value-Based Care Can Mean Significantly Better Outcomes and Lower Costs, but Old Processes and Tech Block Progress

by Peter Jacobs

Value-based care is transforming the delivery of health services by changing the model from “fee-for-service” to “pay-for-performance.” This can lead to significantly better outcomes for patients as well as greatly lowered costs for providers. But while this approach is already beginning to ripple through the industry, many healthcare provider networks are still limited by old technology and outmoded processes.

How familiar does this sound: a patient sees a primary care physician, then goes to a specialist, who then recommends treatment or surgery, and at each stop, the same background paperwork gets filled out each time? 

What’s the impact of this redundancy and dependence on paper? In a recent report from The Technology CEO Council, three out of every ten tests need to be reordered because results can’t be located and patient charts were missing approximately 30 percent of the time. 

With providers filling out an average of 20,000 forms each year, the mountains of paper generated by every interaction with the healthcare system leads to higher costs, lost time (as providers wait for test results from other parties, or worse, need to reorder tests), and poorer outcomes for patients. 

Electronic health records are the most visible step toward modernizing the delivery of healthcare, but that’s just the beginning. Mobile access and cloud-based solutions can provide the speed, transparency and security needed to improve results while remaining compliant with privacy and security standards. 

Still, the industry is, for the most part, dependent on legacy technology, virtually ensuring that systems can’t share patient data easily and securely. Shifting to value-based care makes addressing these issues a top priority, but doing so requires a different approach to healthcare IT.

A new white paper from VMware and Carahsoft examines the demand, the challenges and the real-world benefits that come with transforming healthcare IT to a cloud-based, mobile-friendly environment. The white paper draws from industry reports and surveys that highlight many of the costs and risks facing healthcare providers. It also looks at what needs to change to help move the industry forward as well as solutions that can enable this transformation.

Download the white paper here.

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