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Telephone Nurse Triage Services Provide Much More Than Care Management

by Heidi Bullman

Traditionally, nurses are the first point of contact for patients – quickly earning their trust. “Patients have a different rapport with nurses than they do with doctors. We’re there when they come in (to the hospital, clinic or doctor’s officer) [and] we talk to them and we spend time with them,” explained family nurse practitioner Mariea Snell, Assistant Professor of Nursing at Maryville University and Vice President of the Missouri State Board of Nursing for mHealthIntelligence. “[We’re] there to tell them what’s going on and to make their treatment easier.”

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Today, during the coronavirus pandemic the role of the nurse has assumed even greater importance. To offer front-line support during COVID-19, providers are using telephone nurse triage services. In this way, healthcare providers and health insurance plan staff can focus on critical case requirements. The goal is to deploy a solution that, in addition to offloading COVID-19 calls, streamlines workflows and saves money. However, the real key to making this happen is through a solution that offers patients expert guidance given by qualified Registered Nurses (RNs).

HGS’s nurse triage solution is staffed with RNs providing expert advice through a proven clinical algorithm approach. Their clinically-trained nurses assess caller conditions, provide self-care guidance, direct to the most appropriate level of care and above all, offer a trusting and invaluable interaction that nurses are known for by way of a simple hotline.

“We have more than 30 years of experience in providing telephone nurse triage,” said Ramesh Gopalan, Global President of HGS Healthcare. “With significant increases in patient calls due to COVID-19, a healthcare company’s ability to discern which ones require additional medical attention and which are only seeking advice is paramount. Our seasoned teams are augmenting support to allow our client’s internal resources to focus on other critical case requirements.”

Solutions like the above are more important than ever before. To this end, services including telephone nurse triage options not only allow for cost savings for companies, higher patient retention rates, and better provider workstreams but affirm the importance of qualified RNs in managing care – via their expertise and their trusting and irreplaceable interaction with patients.

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