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Survey Shows Leaders in Healthcare Must Focus on Business Agility

by Jackie Davis

Today’s leaders — especially in the healthcare space — are juggling a variety of responsibilities. From COVID-19 response to digital transformation and budget management, C-level leaders are now putting focus on the business agility, according to a recent survey by Deloitte and WSJ Intelligence.

The survey shows that this year, leaders will be implementing technology that is trusted, innovative, and furthers the organization’s mission. But with so many technology options, what should leaders in healthcare focus on for 2021? According to the survey, the answer: technology that promotes excellence, loyalty, personalization, and business agility across the organization. Participants shared insights including Melissa Bell, CIO of Danaher, a global science and technology company.

“You need to really understand the business — its strategy, customers, challenges — and build relationships to effectively influence transformation” Bell said. “Technology is moving so fast that learning agility is required to survive in this environment.”

One solution that proves its value in these areas is patient experience technology. By implementing solutions that support personalized patient experiences across in-person and digital channels, healthcare leaders are delivering services to build lasting relationships and set a foundation for better business agility.

Pieter Brinkman, Senior Director of Technical Marketing at Sitecore, recently explained how an experience platform can benefit organizations in his blog, sharing that 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for (or engage with brands that have) great customer experiences.

With healthcare organizations facing today’s challenging times, experience platforms can be used to stay connected with customers and patients, deliver meaningful content, and “future-proof” digital experience, according to Brinkman.

“Whether you’re building a best-of-breed ecosystem or relying on one suite of solutions, to future-proof your technology layer it needs to be easily integrated and extendable,” Brinkman said. For organizations like Danaher, which are working diligently on COVID response including vaccine testing and antibody identification, keeping customers and patients involved is top of mind and necessary in today’s climate.

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