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Post-Covid Patient Experience

What Does the Post-COVID Patient Experience Look Like?

by Jackie Davis

We often hear about customer experience and how it impacts a consumer’s decision to make a purchase, interact with brands, and build brand loyalty. But does this idea of customer experience translate to the healthcare sector? According to Paige O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer at Sitecore, it does, and payers need to start taking notice of the post-COVID patient experience.

The pandemic has forced a rapid change in the patient experience. Patients are more focused on convenience, a fluid experience, and interactions with a provider that are digitally driven. “When it comes to patient engagement, one of the things we’ve been focused on for a while at Sitecore – even before the pandemic – is the need to create human connections as a key part of digital transformation journeys,” said O’Neill. “At the end of the day, customers are all human beings. And the providers that understand this and adapt customer communications appropriately will make it through, not just this current crisis with better customer relationships, but they will establish lasting and long-term connections with those patients.”

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As patients abide by stay-at-home orders and work remotely, the need for providers to offer digital services that are easily accessible to patients is paramount. “From a functional perspective, there’s no denying that the pandemic has increased the demand for greater digital and omnichannel capabilities,” shared O’Neill. “Being able to meet patients wherever they are physically and emotionally will be the driving force as the patient experience becomes more complex and focused on greater relevance, convenience, and enjoyment—all which create a more human connection that is hard to break.”

Forging these connections with patients is essential to staying relevant – especially in the post-COVID world. How can providers and payers shift their organizations to provide this unique, digital experience?

“Whether delivering more relevant content to customers across your websites, apps, and email or enhancing your services through digital, brands can engage more effectively with patients by making sure they are using customer insights to deliver content that is relevant to their current needs,” said O’Neill. “The goal here is to not only show your immediate value but build a relationship that will continue post crisis. The current situation is giving brands that are ready for this challenge a chance to test the waters and show customers what they can offer,” concluded O’Neill.

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