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Opportunities to Manage Patient Data Abound During National Health IT Week

by Shayda Windle

As National Health IT Week comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on how far healthcare organizations have come with regards to technology and just how much the use of health IT has changed the face of healthcare – from patient data, to  telemedicine, electronic health records, and the  cloud. Providers and insurers are more connected than ever as they look at ways to enhance patient care through the use of technology, saving millions of dollars, and in some cases, lives.

That said, there is still a long way to go for those implementing the latest and greatest technologies, especially as concerns rise with data security, HIPPA regulations, and the constant changing political landscape we face today.

“With digital records, there are far more hurdles than before,” says Ray Umerley, Chief Data Protection Officer for Pitney Bowes. Given these new rules, it’s essential, he says, that organizations keep up-to-date with the new regulations surrounding privacy and security.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers and organizations cannot take protecting their patient data lightly. There is no better time than Health IT week for companies to assess their current processes and seek out partners that can provide the highest level of service and employ the best technologies.

“National Health IT Week is the perfect time to reflect on how quickly the use of health IT has impacted the health system,” said Dr. Donald Rucker, the national coordinator for health IT. “It is also time to look forward on how we can promote reliable clinical information flows and support a competitive market that will give consumers, clinicians and innovators more options on how to make use of electronic health information,” he said.

Having an accurate handle on customer data is imperative for healthcare organizations to comply with national and international regulations. In celebration of health IT week, we thought we would share some resources with you to help you on your journey to a more effective, efficient, and compliant health IT organization. You can find those here.

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