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Exemplary Patient Experience Relies on Integrated Technology

by Jackie Davis

Today, when a patient interacts with a healthcare organization, they expect a similar experience that they have with retail brands. This experience must be personalized, engaging, and delivered across multiple platforms. While many healthcare organizations are embracing personalized content, the patient experience is still falling short. The missing link? Technology that aids marketers on their journey and can provide powerful insights with data analytics.

“Even after you make it through re-platforming or upgrading, have your governance in order, content loaded, marketing workshops under your belt, and analytics flowing in to drive decisions—you will always be testing, improving, upgrading, connecting, building, rewriting, and finding ways to improve CX to drive ROI,” said Rick Bauer, Lead Technical Consultant with Perficient, a Sitecore partner, in a recent article. “Repeat it now: This is a journey….”

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Part of this journey is embracing technology that furthers the customer experience you’ve already created with personalized content and omnichannel delivery. According to the recent survey, Solving the CX, 90 percent of respondents reported that customer experience was crucial to their organization’s goals. Ninety-four percent agreed that advanced technologies will help solve the most complex commerce challenges. And 100 percent believe that an optimized customer experience will drive tangible, measurable outcomes. But, over half admitted that their organization fails to deliver a personalized customer experience.

The answer?

Tech that delivers omnichannel capabilities paired with powerful data analytics. “With the right partner, you have the tools available to deliver personalization and customer experience success. You can now have a 360-degree view of your customers, drive user journeys, test content, track campaigns, measure results, and continue to cycle through the customer journey to complete customer loyalty and ultimately lead to world domination!” said Bauer.

Bauer explained that these tools set organizations up for success, but a high-level customer experience strategy is needed to build upon. “Pause and think about the complex role of today’s digital marketer. Today’s modern marketer doesn’t just manage a website. Instead, they need to be able to reach across all channels, connect the dots across data points, improve customer satisfaction, and increase conversions—not to mention using connected data to constantly improve these interactions over ever-evolving touchpoints,” Bauer concluded.

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