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Coronavirus Prevention Network

Coronavirus Prevention Network Aids in the Fight Against COVID-19

by Jackie Davis

The fight against COVID-19 is happening on many fronts. From mask wearing to social distancing, testing treatment protocols and, of course, the development of an effective vaccine it will take all these efforts to bring the virus under control. In this article, which was originally published on Government Technology Insider, we take a look at how the National Institutes of Health is leading this effort in establishing the Coronavirus Prevention Network and how cloud-based solutions are speeding the mission to success. 

As the coronavirus hit the United States in full force earlier this year, healthcare systems and government agencies moved quickly to provide essential services to citizens. To aid in the fight against the virus, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), established the Coronavirus Prevention Network (CoVPN) and the CoVPN Volunteer Screening Registry.

These innovative systems are actively working to register and collect millions of data points from volunteers – data that will aid in creating a vaccine for the coronavirus. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) hopes to register millions of volunteers for clinical testing of vaccines and antibodies with the Registry, which was developed to support CoVPN by allowing volunteers to register to participate in COVID-19 trials. This program currently supports clinical trial sites throughout the U.S. and is expected to expand globally by year-end.

“They have made an excellent start with registration, but there’s a long way to go,” said Rebecca Laborde, master principal scientist in clinical innovation for Oracle. “With the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, this is a really expedited timeline to enroll participants and begin testing. We’re going to see a variety of different trials, and the ability to rapidly identify individuals that would be potential candidates for this is really critical to the success.”

And this success lies in citizen empowerment. This screening platform makes volunteering for COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participation accessible to anyone in the United States. It provides everyone an opportunity to become part of the ground-breaking efforts to deliver safe and effective vaccines to combat COVID-19. Once vaccines are available, the platform built and donated by Oracle will also support the creation of a digital vaccination record that a person can always have with them.

“What Oracle saw was the ability for technology to supplement real-world evidence gathering and to be able to create systems really rapidly that could be customized to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Laborde said.

These cloud-based solutions are aiding in the coronavirus fight backed by flexible software and the ability to scale. And they can be used to deliver powerful information now and in the future. Solutions like this have the potential to change the way healthcare functions – and how the response to healthcare crises unfold. With more than four billion data elements collected so far, every day reveals the U.S. is closer to a vaccine through clinical trials.

Ready to learn more about CoVPN? Watch this demo.

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