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Brian Pruitt Shares his Insights on Getting the Most out of HIMSS20

by Heidi Bullman

HIMSS20 is right around the corner and, as always, attendees can expect to have an overflowing schedule. From star-studded keynotes to a plethora of learning sessions and networking opportunities, it’s going to be a lively few days discussing the latest advancements and innovations in healthcare technology.

To help our readers navigate the conference and make the most of their time, we sat down with Brian Pruitt, Senior Healthcare Strategic Alliance Manager at NetApp, to discuss the most anticipated conversations and topics at the conference, as well as new technologies that are changing the way clinicians access and gain insight from data.

Future Healthcare Today (FHT): Hi Brian. Can you start by telling us about your role at NetApp and your background in healthcare?

Brian Pruitt (BP): As Senior Healthcare Alliance Manager for NetApp, I’m responsible for overall alignment and strategic direction between NetApp and Epic, focused on driving innovative solutions for our customers.  I have over 20 years of IT experience, ranging from engineering complex IT solutions to leading large teams of highly skilled engineers & architects.

In my previous role at Centura Health, Colorado’s largest health system, I was responsible for overall strategic alignment between IT and business stakeholders.  While at Centura Health, I was hyper-focused on improving patient outcomes and clinical workflows by implementing creative and cost-effective technology solutions.

FHT: What’s something you’ve found to be particularly valuable as a customer attending HIMSS?

BP: In past years, I’ve been interested in topics including artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital imaging, the cloud, and other advanced solutions that work to improve the patient experience. What I find very valuable are the stories that explain how these solutions are being leveraged by health systems and how they’re changing patient care and provider experiences for the better. It’s inspiring to hear how these solutions are reducing the time between detection and treatment and helping providers care for patients with better accuracy and efficiency.

FHT: What’s a rookie mistake people make their first time at HIMSS?

BP: At my first HIMSS, I think I made every mistake you could make when attending a conference at this scale. I booked way too many sessions rather than limiting myself to a few that were really in alignment with my organization’s strategy. This was in addition to buying and wearing new dress shoes the day before the conference – very painful!

In preparation for the conference, a pro tip is to make sure you’ve joined your local HIMSS chapter. The chapters offer endless networking opportunities and ensure that you’re connected with other professionals from your area, even after the conference has ended.

Once you’ve arrived at HIMSS be sure to attend orientation. And, at the conference, rely on conference veterans. They can help you to not only navigate the conference but better understand the wealth of content and networking opportunities at your fingertips.

FHT: How do you get the most out of an event as big as #HIMSS20?

BP: The key is to plan. If this is your first time attending, HIMSS it can be overwhelming. My recommendation is to have a plan going into it. Understand what problems your business is trying to solve, register for sessions that pique your interest, and identify vendors with expertise around your issues and challenges. When you meet those vendors, find out not only what solutions they have today, but also how they are innovating and differentiating their offerings.

FHT: What do expect will be the most important topics of conversation at #HIMSS20?

BP: A hot topic that everyone is talking about is AI — more importantly, how healthcare institutions are actually leveraging AI to change the way their overall businesses operate.

In addition to that, the digital front door will be an important topic covered at HIMSS. Just providing a patient portal isn’t enough. Portal adoption throughout healthcare is averaging less than 35 percent. This means that digital front door strategies need to engage patients at every touchpoint through the patient journey. Technology is foundational to expanding access, driving higher patient satisfaction, and increasing the revenue of health systems.

Organizations are moving toward a data-centric/data-driven approach to healthcare. An important topic for us is learning how healthcare organizations are using and analyzing data to monitor individual patients, communities of patients, and how sharing this information is helping advance the industry in areas like managing epidemics.

FHT: What are you looking forward to sharing at #HIMSS20?

BP: One of the key messages I’m eager to share is how NetApp’s data management solutions eliminate the burden a siloed approach to the delivery of IT services. What we’re doing is enabling our customers to do more with less, and guaranteeing performance, data reduction, and availability for our customers!

We’ll be highlighting some extremely exciting initiatives regarding Epic, artificial intelligence (AI) and medical imaging,  including Active IQ, a machine learning tool to proactively monitor system status to make sure they’re running as efficiently as possible.

I want our customers to understand the depth and breadth of NetApp expertise and resources in healthcare. Our team includes former health system and technology leaders, with specialists in the clinical applications central to the effective delivery of care.

FHT: What’s something you think many people would be surprised to learn about NetApp?

BP: NetApp goes above and beyond in terms of innovation as a data management provider. I’ve been a NetApp customer for the last 12 years and I’ve never seen this rate and pace of innovation from any of their competitors. The unique solutions that we bring to market for on premises and cloud are really making a profound impact to thousands of customers.

NetApp is also continuously evolving in product leadership. NetApp isn’t the same storage company that most companies are used to. Over the past few years we’ve successfully made the transition from a storage company to a data management company – and that includes critical business and clinical application data. With our hybrid multi-cloud expertise, we have the portfolio and expertise to take your organization to the top.

Take the First Step: Meet NetApp at HIMSS20.

To continue the conversation about how NetApp can help you simplify and modernize data management, connect with them on twitter at @NetApp during #VirtualHIMSS20.

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