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BJC HealthCare Focuses on Four Areas to Improve Patient Experience

by Jackie Davis

During the last several months, many healthcare organizations have been focused on standing up a digital strategy to better engage with patients. Reason being, for instance, over 80 percent of patients are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience, reported in a recent eBook by Sitecore: The Patient is Ready to See You.

The question on everyone’s mind: How can healthcare firms deliver better customer experiences? The recent blog on this topic shares that an experience-forward approach is the key to success. From personalized content to omnichannel messaging, if healthcare organizations want to improve their patient retention and satisfaction, they must focus on the experience they are providing.

“Now, more than ever, digital experiences and the relationships they create are critical,” said Dave Michaela, VP of Digital Solutions at Horizontal and a Sitecore Digital Strategy MVP. “The ultimate goal is to take the stress out of these interactions and use them as the foundation for productive, lifetime relationships.”

BJC HealthCare is one organization that is fully embracing digital and seeing the benefits it brings to both patients and providers. To deliver a valuable, frictionless patient experience, BJC HealthCare has focused on four key areas of the patient journey.

BJC HealthCare’s four key areas:

  • Consumer digital utilities: telehealth visits, scheduling, and payment processing to make processes easier on patients
  • Clinical experience: covering end-to-end care experiences from one appointment to the next to offer an ongoing patient experience
  • Caregiver experiences: promote quality and efficiency with digital workflows for delivery of care
  • Non-clinical caregiver experience: support from the front, middle, and back office functions to enhance productivity on digital platforms

“Everyday consumer transactions have molded expectations for healthcare experiences; they expect you to know things about them,” said Jerry Fox, Senior Vice President and CIO of BJC HealthCare. “We are thinking about how technology can personalize the patient experience and we will continue to grow in that area.”

To learn more, see how you can improve your patient experience here.

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