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Alameda Health System

Alameda Health System Adapts Telemedicine to the Patient Experience

by Jackie Davis

We’ve learned telemedicine is key to bringing healthcare to those who can’t visit their provider. It helps healthcare organizations continue care and stay connected with their patients – even in the face of a pandemic. It’s also becoming clear that telemedicine is here to stay as a part of the digital patient experience.

Alameda Health System (AHS), a Bay Area health organization, started telemedicine care in March 2020 to treat patients during the height of the pandemic. They reported 99 percent of AHS Ambulatory Care visits were taking place via telemedicine, according to Dr. Jenny Cohen.

“I truly believe this is going to transform how we deliver care in the future,” shared Cohen. “While we know some patients will prefer the in-office visit, we also know that getting to a medical appointment can be challenging for some of our patients.”

She added, “At AHS, we serve very complex patients and we’re being very thoughtful about how we leverage technology without widening disparities. We’re looking at how we continue to provide robust care while keeping our patients healthy and safe, that includes using a HIPAA compliant platform and asking patients for video and care consent.”

For Cohen, Alameda Health System, and many other healthcare organizations, telemedicine is here to stay as part of their digital experience. As other healthcare organizations adapt their telemedicine to their patient experience, it’s putting additional focus on the technology to provide patients with positive digital interactions that caters specifically to them. How do healthcare organizations provide personalized digital patient care across touchpoints that is similar to in-person interactions that patients expect?

Sitecore answers this question by empowering organizations to effectively work across the systems in a centralized digital experience platform (DXP). As healthcare digital experience grows, the a DXP keeps behavior data analysis and content management accessible in a centralized location to enable personalized content delivery across channels.

“Providing the right content at the right moment not only helps patients find what they need when they need it, but it can also educate, empower, and inspire a long-lasting, trusted connection with your organization,” said Derek Phillips, Director of Content Strategy, PK Healthcare, a Sitecore partner.

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