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Agility in the Face of COVID: Insight from Danaher CMO

by Jackie Davis

With the COVID-19 vaccine in distribution, many healthcare organizations that have been overwhelmed by the pandemic can begin to breathe a sigh of relief. Although we are far from eradication, healthcare leaders now can focus on what the year ahead and the future looks like for their organizations.

For Shamiram R. Feinglass, Chief Medical Officer, Danaher Corporation, this focus is on agility. In a recent blog titled The Art of Being Nimble in the Age of COVID-19, Feinglass reflected on the challenges COVID-19 has brought and shared hopes for the future.

“Now, as the chief medical officer at Danaher and tasked with leading our coronavirus coordinated response, we have had to pivot quickly to meet the growing demands of the pandemic,” Feinglass shared. “Our priorities were crystal clear from the beginning. The health and safety of our workforce — approximately 67,000 associates across more than 20 operating companies worldwide — was paramount. The valuable lessons learned during my public health service have been crucial to achieving a nimble, coherent strategy to support associates working from home, those required to come to our manufacturing facilities every day, and those servicing our products on site at clinics and hospitals.”

For many organizations, like Danaher, the ability to be nimble and share important information with employees and patients is critical — and this has healthcare organizations looking to innovative solutions that pair automation with critical assets, like key relevant content, to better connect with those involved.

“The pandemic has shown us that customer needs can change very quickly,” said Paige O’Neill, Sitecore Chief Marketing Officer. “Customers want to feel listened to; they want to feel valued at all times really, but even more so during times of critical needs. Brands are being judged on how they respond to those customer demands in that moment.”

The same goes for patients and healthcare providers.

“In the post-COVID world, sweeping changes to our health-care industries will be profound, and human creativity will be essential to moving through it quickly,” concluded Feinglass.

With these changes in patient expectations and healthcare needs, how can organizations stay agile? Click here to learn more insights on healthcare digital experience from Sitecore, a leader in the digital experience platform space.

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