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A Cloud Assurance Approach that Works for the Healthcare Industry

by Chelsea Barone

The cloud is changing the way the healthcare industry operates on a massive scale. With benefits like increased agility, better data management and governance, and streamlined operation, it’s easy to understand why healthcare IT decision makers are aggressively integrating the technology into their infrastructures. That said, many struggle with understanding how to effectively execute this migration safely and efficiently.

The healthcare industry faces a unique data challenge in that data access and data security are equally important. A healthcare provider’s reliable access to a patient’s data could literally mean life or death, but the security of that data is paramount for patient confidentiality purposes. This balancing act begs the question of how to strategically implement a cloud strategy while meeting the expectations and regulations of all parties in the healthcare ecosystem.

This is where the need for a well-oiled cloud assurance program comes into play. In an upcoming webinar, “How to Develop and Implement an Effective Cloud Assurance Program”, FireEye’s Ron Bushar, Vice President and CTO – Government Solutions, will explain steps and best practices to building a cloud assurance program. With this structure in place, healthcare IT decision makers can confidently move forward with their cloud migration plan of action and abide by increasing expectations and regulations of government bodies.

In this webinar, Bushar will walk attendees through the following topics:
• Identifying roles and responsibilities of government, service provider, and third-party stakeholders
• Assessing existing traditional on-premises key controls against cloud services and establishing a cloud-adapted risk assessment process
• Implementing requirements baselines, risk assessments, and approaches to addressing unique risk scenarios
• Selecting a cloud service delivery and deployment model

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM PT/ 2:00 PM ET. You can register for the webinar here and learn how you can swiftly and effectively implement your organization’s cloud assurance program.

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