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5 Steps to a Patient-Centric Experience

by Jackie Davis

Healthcare organizations will be forever changed by the dynamic times we are facing today. But a shift in how we create patient experiences has already been taking place within the healthcare system that is being further accelerated as digital channels become more relied upon. The dynamic between providers and patients has been shifting to better accommodate the wants and needs of the patient as an empowered consumer. This change has compelled healthcare companies to focus on the patient experience and how consumers’ use digital platforms as they embrace personalized services.

The Patient is Ready to See You, a recent eBook by Sitecore, explores the increasing competition and expectations of digital-savvy patients that are spurring change in healthcare organizations.  According to the report, 81 percent of consumers are unsatisfied with their current healthcare experience – and healthcare CEOs know this. The 2019 Healthcare Perspective Study found that healthcare CEOs are putting the patient experience as a top priority.

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“The industry change that CEOs are witnessing firsthand reflects our predictions of a more consumer-centered future of health,” said Michael Main, Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Consumers want to take control of their health — they have been responding well to virtual care visits and are interested in tools that make their experience personalized, affordable, and convenient.”

As healthcare organizations shape their digital experiences to meet these needs, they are struggling to deliver, finding themselves bogged down by legacy technology, siloed data, non-digitized services, and a poor communication strategy. For healthcare companies to provide the patient-centric experience that consumers crave, explore the five steps:

  1. Omnichannel Experiences
    Creating a personalized and consistent experience both offline and online to engage customers.
  2. Personalized Content
    Improving engagement across channels by leveraging data and content to create seamless, personalized experiences.
  3. Simplified Processes
    Leveraging digital programs for managing and streamlining data to deliver a frictionless and beneficial patient experience.

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